Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

In the past 10 years, both 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation and 5MHz Radio Frequency have been proved to be very effective in fat reducing and slimming. Combining both treatments make the results even better and longer lasting!

The Ultrasound Cavitation Probe breaks down fat cells so that the fat deposit is destroyed. The Vacuum Head is used to reshape the body contour and smooth cellulite’s uneven “orange peel” surface. The Body Radio Frequency (multipolar) Probe promotes fat metabolism and dissolves fat and also promotes collagen to tighten skin.

The theory basis of these operational steps is that the ultrasound cavitation effect will be more effective on intact fat cells so it should use for the first step. Then the fat tissue become a mass, including completely destroyed and semi-destroyed fat cells and the still-standing ones and the free fatty acid and glycerides.

body sculpting

If the procedure stopped here, the density of the fat deposit becomes unequal. Without further care, skin tends to form an “orange peel” layer, so the second step — vacuum reshaping — is very necessary.

Vacuum reshaping is like shaking a basket full of potatoes with different sizes. The shaking will conduct the smaller ones go down to the bottom and the bigger ones remain on the top. The basket also reserves more column because those potatoes are regulated much more neatly.

The Vacuum Reshaping movement is almost the same. It regulates fat cells with different sizes to a neater and tidier “array” and compact the column. By then, the inch(column) is visibly reduced some already. The third(final) step by the Body RF is to dissolve the remaining fat, which will contribute to a smaller volume and less fat deposit.

Body Sculpting Pricing

Arms 75.00

Calves 75.00

Chin 45.00

Upper Back 75.00

Upper Abdomen 75.00

Lower Abdomen 75.00

Flank (Love Handles) 75.00

Outer Thighs 75.00

Inner Thighs 75.00

Upper Back Legs 75.00